Day 152: Big news today!

First off, I realized today is my half birthday….I am now 24.5 years old and don’t care.  Second off, I woke up this morning and felt like having my face melted off, so here is a video from one of my favorite new bands, “Every Time I Die.”  Third off, “what does intulated mean?”

As I mentioned earlier, I do have some big news today as far as the job search goes.  On July 28th, 2009 at 9 am, I will be having a face to face interview with a local police station that I applied with all the way back in March!  I am very excited, and yesterday was probably the single best day of my unemployment.

On the other hand, this means that a haircut and shave are in the very near future.  By the request of a hand full of my friends, I will be slowly dismantaling the beard piece by piece into other wacky looks until it is completely gone.  I want to invite any readers of this blog to participate in a poll to see what new facial hair design I should go with first.  Let me know what you think!

Should it be the "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" look?

Should it be the "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" look?

Or, should it be the…..

Colonel Sanders "Finger Licking Good" look?

Colonel Sanders "Finger Licking Good" look?

My personal favorite,

The "Scott Player" fu manchu look?

The "Scott Player" fu manchu look?

And who can forget the…

"You can go ahead and vote for this but I am not able to do this" look?

"You can go ahead and vote for this but I am not able to do this" look?

Stay tuned throughout the day, as I have had quite a few requests to start posting more than one time a day.  I can do that…’s not like I have a job or anything!




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4 responses to “Day 152: Big news today!

  1. Tuley

    First off, i posted a comment yesterday and it wasn’t seen on the site for half an hour. second, I just voted in the poll and, once again, my vote is unable to be seen at this time. Do you have an IT guy working for you that can handle these issues? If so, get him to fix these defaults……….then fire him and take his job. As for the poll, I’ve been requesting the chops for months! Cornrows would be nice too! Maybe a perm? You should go perm and hit up the salvation army for some 80’s clothes.

  2. Dan

    Congrats on the interview man. Hopefully everything works out, although, it could very well mean the end of this blog.

    And as for the dismantling of the beard, I’d say start off with the first one, then slowly work it into the Scott Player. If you end up getting the job, you could probably leave it as the Scott Player, right?

    • I thought about that….it could very well be the end of the blog, but maybe it is my lucky blog and I should keep it. I have had it up and running for two days and I got an interview I have been waiting for for 4 months on the second day. I should post about winning the lottery or something.

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