Day 153: Mike Honcho in the house!

Just a few quick things this morning, I got a lot of stuff to do today and better get the ball rolling…

First, we got dominated in both of our softball games last night, I struck out looking once……FISTED!!!  We have the all night tournament coming up this weekend and hopefully I can find my swing a little bit.  If not, I am sure one of the 500,000 beers that will be there can help me find it.

Second, I have to go get a new social security card today for my job interview in a couple of weeks.  My old card was destroyed when my wallet went through the washing machine about two years ago.  I am gonna try and throw the government a curveball and get them to print the name “Mike Honcho” on my new card.  I will let you know how it goes.

And finally, after tallying up over 1 million votes, the facial hair winner is in, and I will be going with the Scott Player fu manchu!!!  I am excited as this was my personal favorite.  The “AHHHHH!!!” look was in a close second, followed by the Colonel Sanders, and nobody voted for that last glorious spectacle of beard, thank god.

“The A-Hole tastes funny.” I will talk to you all later today, happy Friday!  One love!


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