Day 163: Macauley Culkin sucks.

Goooooooodddd moorrrnnniiiinnnnggggg!!!  Yogi Berra once said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  The one thing I do not miss about working is Monday’s, and I hope all of you have a good one!

I watched the last half of the movie “The Good Son” this morning.  The movie, which was made in 1993, stars Macauley Culkin and Elijah Wood, and is about “an evil child who terrorizes a visiting cousin who turns for help, but no one believes him.”  Basically it’s one big turd sandwich.  The acting in this movie was so bad, I wanted to remove my eyeballs and step on them.  My favorite scene was Macauley’s death scene, when he fell off of a cliff after an epic battle with Elijah, that I am sure will go down in cinematic history for being the stupidest thing ever in a movie.  I am sure if MJ were still alive, he would have been going crazy, but that is neither here nor there.

I once had a movie idea that included both Macauley Culkin and Elijah Wood.  It was called “Home Alone: Middle Earth”, and it was about a hobbit who gets left alone in his tree hut and has to fend off 2 orc’s from trying to steal his hobbit grass.  No one really bit on the script, but I gotta keep my chin up.  Either way, I know it would have been 100 times better than “The Good Son”.

Speaking of “Home Alone”, I forgot how much I hated that prick Buzz…..

Alright well I gotta go do some running around.  I will talk to you all soon, One Love!



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