Day 170: “If we are going to jail tonight, it won’t be for disorderly conduct…it’ll be for murder…”

Hi there!  The above quote comes from my friend Harrell.  You see, we went to Sandusky this past weekend and stayed in a cabin at a private campground.  One of our neighbors, who I will refer to as “Alberto” was really cool and was hanging out with us for a while.  Our other neighbors, who I will refer to as “Shitheads” were not cool, and called park security 3 times and the Sandusky police once.  After the cop stopped by he said “If I have to come back, I am arresting every single one of you for disorderly conduct.”  After he left, Harrell dropped the above knowledge on everyone.  Needless to say, we did not get arrested, although some pickle relish did accidentally end up on our neighbors windows.

Harrell was out for blood...

Harrell was out for blood...

On Sunday night I attended the 27th annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.  It was a great time as usual.  I don’t know what it is about Irish music but it always makes me feel awesome.  I think it’s the tempo and upbeat singing, but whatever it is, it always gets me going.  We saw a band called The Kreellers and they were really good.  So, I wanted to post some Irish music for you all today.  I love it!

I read an article on today about how Hank Fraley is going to be fighting for a roster spot on the new Mangini regime roster.  I am shocked to hear that, although I am not a Hank Fraley fan.  While Eric Steinbach is one of the only offensive linemen in the NFL to play under 300 lbs, Hank Fraley is one of the offensive linemen to play over 450 lbs.  He is morbidly obesese, sloppy, and a mediocre linemen.  I am excited for training camp to start and can’t wait to see how bad the Browns will be this year.  I am just joking, I know we are going to the Super Bowl.

"TRAINER!!!  I accidentally sat on Derek Anderson!!!"

"TRAINER!!! I accidentally sat on Derek Anderson!!!"

Well that’s all for now.  Tomorrow is the big interview and I am getting kind of nervous.  I got some stuff I have to get ready for tomorrow, I will try and get another post up sometime today.  Tomorrow is Tuesday…..we all know what that means (Tuley)!!!!  I will talk to you later, One Love!


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