Day 188: To me, it’s always a good idea to always carry two sacks of something with you when you walk around. That way when somebody says “Hey can you give me a hand?”, you can say, “Sorry, I got these sacks.”

Yes....yes you can has cheezburger.

Yes....yes you can has cheezburger.

Hey guys, how’s it going???  Well I just got back from getting fingerprinted for my potential job.  I am officially “on the grid” now as they say.  It looks like I finger banged a bag of charcoal last night, but it is just one more step in the employment process I suppose.

Yesterday I took my two younger cousins to the Indians day game against the Rangers.  It was a really good time.  A day game is a lot different than a night game and I would suggest everyone try to go to one if you have the opportunity.  My one cousin is from New Jersey and is a huge Phillies fan, and of course he already has a Cliff Lee Phillies jersey which he insisted on wearing to the game.  It pissed me off and there were several occasions where I tried to “lose” him in the crowd, but they were unsuccessful.  I love going to the Tribe games more than anything.  I saw a guy with a custom made Indians jersey with the name “Yankees” on the back with the number 666, and I thought it was very clever….

Yank-deez nuts New York

Yank-deez nuts New York

I also saw a little kid drinking beer.  This little kid may, or may not have been my cousin, and the beer may, or may not have been mine.  It was my cousin and it was my beer!!!  He is only 10!!!

"My stomach feels like burning cousin B-MOC...." - My little cousin

"My stomach feels like burning cousin B-MOC...." - My little cousin

Hahahaha I am just kidding.  That picture was staged and I hope no one really thinks I gave him a beer at the game.  For one, he is only 10, and for two, they cost $7 bucks.

Last night I had the privilege to be a part of cinematic history as the third, and final installment of “Batman in Berea” debuted at the Strongsville Cinemark.  If you are not familiar with the “Batman in Berea” series, let me fill you in a little bit.  Basically, a bunch of young adults from Berea got together and made a Batman trilogy which features people and places from all over town.  The story line is comical, emotional, absolutely absurd, and genius all at the same time.  I know you can go on YouTube and watch the entire series which will probably run you over 2 hours, but it is WELL worth it.  I want to give major props to everyone who was involved with the movie, it was fantastic and I loved every second of it.  Below is a little clip from the second installment, “Batman Returns…to Berea”.  I hope you enjoy!

Well that is all for now.  Happy Friday, and One Love!



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