Day 202: “When I saw the old bum pushing his grocery cart down the street, at first I felt sorry for him. But then when I saw what he had in his cart I thought, “well no wonder you’re a bum…look at the dumb things you bought.”

HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  It’s Friday right?!?!?!  I can’t tell the days apart any more.  I just know that when I wake up and my parents are home it’s Saturday, hahaha.  How is everyone doing?  Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?  Anyone going to play the lotto tonight to try and win like $325 million dollars or something like that?  Boy, would I like to win that!  If I won the lottery I would probably buy a car door, that way if I ever got hot I could roll the window down to cool off.

Anyway, I mentioned the other day about how I wanted to become a train watcher.  I have kind of moved away from that idea, but a new hobby of mine is coming up with new professions that I could potentially become invested in.  Last night, I came up with the idea of trying to become a “domain name hunter”.  Domain names are the names that websites have.  For instance, the Worldwide Leader in Sports domain name is  The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s domain name is, etc etc.  Well what I want to do is spend every waking hour trying to predict what big domain names may be picked up in the next couple of years.  I can then go to and purchase that name for $1 a year or whatever their price is.  I can sit on that domain name for a little while and then try to sell it to the appropriate people for a large amount of cash.  Now this is something that other people do already, but a lot of people do not realize goes on.  For instance, I heard a story last summer about a man who several years ago bought the domain names that were something like,,  I don’t know if those were the exact names of the websites, but either way, when the Democratic party announced that they would endorse Barack Obama as their candidate for the presidency of the United States, “his people” (not black people, his advisors and stuff) needed to make websites and they needed to make them fast.  Well when they went to make these pages and saw that somebody had already baught, they had to do something because they didn’t want people to have to try and remember some weird domain name like when they were trying to check out Obama’s website.  Needless to say, the smart individual made close to $50,000 (I believe, I am not positive on the exact figures) just for making a good prediction that cost him a few bucks a year.  In the business that is what they call “a good investment.”  So, last night I was laying in bed trying to come up with some domain names that might be white hot in the next couple of years.  I came up with….

and last but not least…..

Can you say “CHA-CHING CHA-CHING”?!?!?!

I'd probably put all my life savings on being the most successful of the bunch.

I'd probably put all my life savings on being the most successful of the bunch. I love you MF!

In other news….it is almost September and the summer is almost over.  The kids are back in school, fall is right around the corner, and every football team in the country will be kicking off soon.  One of the last glimpses of summer we have is the Little League World Series.  ESPN has been covering the LLWS for the past several weeks, and I’ll tell you what, if you wanna see pre-pubescent boys cry on a nightly basis, then the LLWS is for you.  This has been an emotional year for the entire organization and everyone taking part in the games and festivities since Michael Jackson passed away several weeks ago, but I don’t know what it has been about this year that has made watching the LLWS even more spectacular.  Maybe it is the steroid scandals…

No one wondered why Little Jonny's beard was thicker than all of the other 12 year olds....

No one wondered why Little Jonny's beard was thicker than all of the other 12 year olds....

or maybe it’s the poor sportsmanship by some of the players. Either way the Little League World Series seems to get more and more exciting every year.  These kids are jacked up on Mountain Dew and Red Vines, and it can be quiet entertaining.  Nothing says “good bye summer” like watching 12 year old boys cry after striking out or losing, and foreign families watch their sons play on a 48 hour visa’s.

Well that’s all I got for now.   I love how this may be one of the only blogs on the interweb where you can hear about Megan Fox and the Little League World Series all in the same post.  This shit is great!  I hope you all have a good weekend, and I will talk to you soon.  I leave with you with a haiku….

Hot sauce in my bag,
I can’t stand the t-shirt tag
That ain’t gangster man.

One Love!



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