Day 213: “Chuck Norris once upper cut a horse….we now have giraffes. YOU’RE WELCOME!”

Just a quick post today, I am having a really bad day and have been really busy all morning.  Just a little FYI…my unemployment benefits ran out this past week and I am currently in the process of filing for “extended benefits” that Obama signed into legislation right when he got into office.  However, the problem is that it may take several weeks for my filing to get approved, and it’s going to be a tough couple of weeks not having any $$$ coming in whatsoever.  I should be hearing something back from the two police departments I applied with any day now, but I honestly have no idea when that will be considering they could not give me a time table as to how long the hiring process would be going on for.  Which leads us to right now and I am freaking out because I am trying to figure out my expenses for the next month with $0 coming in anytime soon.  It has been a stressful, sucky day, but like anything else during this whole unemployment thing, there is only so much I can do and I find that I can only sit and wait for the proper bureacratic processes to take place.

In other news, I had a great weekend in Columbus.  I tailgated at my first Ohio State game and it was probably the dumbest thing I have ever taken part in.  The “Horseshoe” should change it’s name to the “Sess Pool” because that’s what it looks like and smells like.  Also, the Michigan Wolverines will win a National Championship in the next 3 seasons.

Mr. Forcier can ball!

Mr. Forcier can ball!

One Love!



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