Day 214: Every time I eat a bowl of Cheerios, I can’t help but think about that part in Honey I Shrunk the Kids where Rick Morannis almost eats his own kids….that was terrible!


What’s going on?!?!  Happy Hump day.  I ate Cheerios this morning and it took me an hour and half because before I took every bite I had to thoroughly check every piece of cereal for shrunken people, and that I would listen to the spoonful to make sure I didn’t hear any screams.

There was some promising news on the job front yesterday evening as the lieutenant I interviewed with in Bay Village called my dad and wants to set up a time to meet with both of my parents.  I was excited to hear that but I am kind of nervous for my parents because I have no idea whatsoever what kind of questions they will be asked.  Maybe things like “how often is B-MOC’s bedroom door locked when he is ‘cleaning his room?” or “what kind of decorations does he have on his bedroom wall?”

"Dude your bed is a car!"  "Yeah....but it's a f-ing sweet car!"

"Dude your bed is a car!" "Yeah....but it's a f-ing sweet car!"

In other job news, I have started a new experiment for the next month just to see how it works.  Starting yesterday, and continuing every day for the next month, I will be applying for one job every day.  Yesterday I applied for a delivery driver position with the Dr. Pepper Snapple group based in Maple Heights.  It’s pretty self explanitory but I would have my own route and deliver delicious and refreshing bottles of Dr. Pepper Snapple products, including but not limited to, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Hawaiin Punch, and last but not least, DIET RITE!!!!  I used to smash some Diet Rite back in the day until it made me allergic to microwaves.

Today I applied for a Product Control Analyst job with a company called Rockwell Automation.  I guess I would basically have to do quality assurance with the products and I would also have to insure inventory plans and production schedules.  I am not entirely sure what any of that means but I figured what the hell.  At least Dr. Pepper Snapple group dropped the Diet Rite bomb on me, not so with this company.

As I am typing this I found out that I got approved to extend my unemployment benefits for another 5 months.  Thank God!  I was getting pretty nervous that I was going to have to have another “fire sale” but only this time it was going to include a car.

Well that’s all I got for now, I wish you all a great day!  One Love!

Everyone have a good one!

Everyone have a good one!



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