Day 251: “Did you know dinosaurs aren’t extinct? Because birds are dinosaurs, and those things are everywhere!”

Happy Friday!  I got a lot to talk about today, so let’s get into it.  First off, today is the 100th day the blog has been in existence, so let’s get a round of applause for that!  If you would like to send any monetary gifts as birthday presents, then please check out the “contact” section above.  I guess that is really the only important thing in today’s news.

But I am very excited today, because one of my favorites books as a kid is coming out as a movie today.  “Where the Wild Things Are” hits theaters this afternoon, and this is one of those times where I am glad I don’t have a job so I can go see it in a non-crowded movie theater.  This book was one of my favorites as a little kid because of a couple of reasons.  #1, it was short.  If I remember correctly it only had like 9 or 10 sentences in the entire book, which is right up a 6 year old kids alley.  And #2, the pictures were amazing!  I haven’t read the book in a while but I remember how awesome the colors and the monsters looked.  A lot of people I know don’t remember this book from their childhood but I love it and always have.  That is why I am very excited for this movie.  From all of the previews I have seen this movie really looks like it might be in a league of its own visually, which I think will really do the book justice.  Plus, the soundtrack sounds like it could be very promising.  The video above from the Arcade Fire is the song from the trailer and is one of my favorites of all time as well.  I hope the guy who wrote this book is counting his blessings man.  Seriously, he wrote one of the most famous childrens books of all time with 9 sentences and some sweet pictures, and now he is going to be making bank with this movie coming out.  I gotta be able to come up with a story about a cow or something.

I didn’t realize how many famous people were in this movie though.  I guess James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano)  is the voice of one of the monsters. It will be hard to picture him not banging strippers or “whacking” guys like he did on The Sopranos, but either way he will probably do a good job.  Apparently Forest Whitaker is also a voice for one of the monsters.  I believe he is doing the voice of the monster with the severe lazy eye.



I keed, I keed.  That eye is not lazy at all, I think he is just whinking…….but anyway.  I think it’s kind of funny that this movie is coming out today, because tomorrow I am going to a wedding for the Big Ginger’s brother, and the reception is predicted to be the craziest reception I have ever been too.  I will probably be all jacked up after seeing this movie and someone might be like “hey where is the reception at after the wedding?” and I’ll be like “it’s WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!!!!” Oh man, that would be great!  I wonder if the bride-to-be changed her wedding invitations to say that?!?!?!  Do you get it?  Do you get it?  Because everyone there will be wild…..and that’s where they are.  Do you get it?  God, sometimes I don’t know where I come up with this shit!

I believe the wedding starts at 3 pm, and the first bride keg stand begins at 3:05 pm.  WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE HAHAHA!

I believe the wedding starts at 3 pm, and the first bride keg stand begins at 3:05 pm. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE HAHAHA!

All of this talk about movies has made me want to do another “The Most Underrated Movie Roles of All Time” segment.  Today’s character comes from the movie Eurotrip.  Now I will tell you that I love this movie.  The European stereotypes and off the wall scenarios are priceless, and I really had a hard time narrowing it down to just one underrated role.  My final two choices came down to the “fighting robot”,


or the “mi scusi” guy from the train, played by Fred Armisen.

"Mi scusi!"

"Mi scusi!"

After much consideration, this one goes to Fred Armisen!  I think he is one of the most underrated comedians in Hollywood and his “mi scusi” thing in this movie is priceless.  After this movie, I really wanted to go backpacking across Europe.  Then a couple of months later, Hostel came out and kind of equaled that out.

In weekend football news, my Wolverines look to rebound from a 2 game skid against the 1-AA Delaware State mosquito looking blue wasp things that are not Appalachian State.  My prediction, 45-3 Wolverines.  But by Michigan’s past performances against 1-AA teams, it could be the complete opposite.

This looks like something TLC would give a show to.

This looks like something TLC would give a show to.

The Browns take on the Steelers on Sunday in Pittsburgh.  I think we really have a chance in this one as long as the Browns can establish a run game early, and Brady can really hook up with Kellen and Edwards on big downs.  What’s that you say?  None of those guys play for the Browns right now?  Oh, then I don’t see us having much of a chance.  I don’t like the Steelers, I don’t like the city of Pittsburgh, but it is hard to really give the Browns a chance in any game right now, especially against the Steelers.  Everyone can bring up the cliche of “well it’s a rivalry and you have to toss records out the window” and how “Manginey has beaten the Steelers everywhere he has been,” but when it comes down to it…the Browns completed 2 passes for 27 yards last week against a shitty defense.  The Steelers are 14 point favorites which is a lot for an NFL spread.  I think they can cover that easily.  UNLESS Manginey brings in Joe Malarkey for a pregame motivational speech.

Go Browns!

Go Browns!

Haha, I don’t know about that guy.  Well that’s it for today.  Everyone have a good weekend, and don’t get sick.  I’ll get back to doing the haiku’s next week, I promise.  One Love!




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3 responses to “Day 251: “Did you know dinosaurs aren’t extinct? Because birds are dinosaurs, and those things are everywhere!”

  1. Tuley

    Did you know dinosaurs never existed? The theory of dinosaurs is the biggest lie this world has ever known? 200 foot tall reptiles?? That suddenly became extinct before humans existed?? GET OUTTA HERE…

  2. shut the hell up! ur sexi sike hahahahaha

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