How goes it?  Happy Friday.  This morning I had to go back to my old high school to pick up my transcripts.  It was pretty neat going back during school hours.  That may have been the first time since I have graduated that I have been there during a school day.  I got to see my old locker, all of my old classrooms, the old bitchy ladies that work in the office, and monkey island!  It was like I never left.

Some things never change!

Some things never change!

I was walking to the guidance office when two teachers I don’t remember were like, “Hey!  There’s B-MOC”, and I was like “Heeeeyyyyyyyyy guyyss” and just kept walking.  It was probably the most awkward situation I had this week.  I must admit I am really bad at remembering names…..really bad!  So whenever I find myself in these situations my fight or flight instinct takes over, and I run away every time!  But in my defense….I don’t understand how some people can remember everybody!  I know for a fact that I never had either of the teachers that said hi to me, so how the hell do they know who I am?  I mean I know my blog is #1 in the world, but that doesn’t mean I am best friends with everyone who reads it.  Oh well, it’s not a big deal, I just kind of felt like an ass.  My sister is currently attending that same high school…I was kind of hoping I would see her so I could embarass her.  I actually pulled a Quail Man and wore my underwear on the outside of my pants just in case I saw her.  No luck though.

Quail Man!

Quail Man!

I just realized… awesome of a Halloween costume that would be!!!  Tuley and I have been discussing a Halloween costume preview blog sometime next week, so if any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact the blog with them and we can discuss them next week.  Quail Man would be a great costume idea, however it appears like several people have already beat me to the punch.

Touche good sir!  Touche!

Touche good sir! Touche! Of course it wouldn't be a proper Halloween costume without the girl dressed all skanky in the background.

Skanky girls and Halloween go together like sex and jelly.  Halloween is that one night of the year where every woman’s inner trashiness comes out, and IT’S AWESOME!!!  I don’t want to get into this too much right now, but Whore-o-ween is right around the corner, and this year doesn’t look like it will disappoint.


Before I leave you today, I want to give a shout out to the guy who jumped into the fountain in center field of last nights Yankees/Angels game.  A friend of mine and I headed to a local watering hole to watch the game last night, and after the game had been on for a while, I turned away for a second, looked back up, and wouldn’t you know it that a fan was jumping into the outfield fountain.

Good for you man, good for you!

Good for you man, good for you!

My friend and I started talking about how if we found out we had one week to live, that is something that we would definitely do before we died.  Especially at that stadium too.  I mean, the outfield looks like a ride at Disney World.  I actually think the guy above found a man made waterslide and slid into the fountain.  Good job guy, the EOTM blog salutes you!

Well that’s all for the week.  Everyone have a good weekend, and I will see you next week!  I leave you with a haiku.

All the way turnt up,
Halloween gets the ho’s up
Quail Man is the man!

One Love!




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2 responses to “Day 258: ALL THE WAYYYY, TURNT UP!!!!

  1. Tuley

    wait……….halloween wasn’t invented until 1983??

  2. Yes…a lot of people don’t realize that Halloween wasn’t invented until 1983. Before that it was just known as Yom Kippur.

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