Day 278: “With a potion oh that I have made…for a young man it’s a heck of a wage, and I feel crazy when I see your face!”

Helllloooo!  Today’s video is of Hootie and the Blowfish singing with the Sesame Street gang about crossing the street.  I posted this video in honor of Darius Rucker, the front man for HATB who apparently sings country music now and won like “Best New Country Singer” last night at some awards thing.  I was shocked to hear that he has switched gears and now sings about country stuff (i.e. alcoholism, domestic violence, and death).  However it made me wonder what happened to “the Blowfish”.  Where are they now?  What are they doing?  Are they still the Blowfish, or have they too shifted their interests to, lets say, starfish….or tuna fish?

jawsThis happens in the music industry a lot more than people realize.  Take for instance, the band Bon Jovi.  The lead singer for that band, Jon Bon Jovi, made it big and does things mostly alone now.  His former bandmates, who were left hung out to dry, started a cow farm which is called “Bovine Joni”.



The band Porno for Pyros front man, Perry Farrell, who later found stardom with the band Jane’s Addiction left his fellow rockers behind.  Now, instead of playing in front of thousands of people every night, they make PSA videos about fire safety and not falling asleep with a cigarette in your hand.


"We'll make great pets, we'll make great pets! We also want to make people aware of the dangers of falling asleep while smoking. It's bad, and should only be done by professionals"

The Stone Temple Pilots were a popular rock group in the early 90’s.  Today, contrary to the belief that they give plane tours around the Aztec ruins, they give bus tours around El Paso, Texas while trying to relive their glory days.


"When the dogs do find her, shes got time and time to wait for tomorrow! And tomorrow the bus leaves for El Paso at 10 am!!!"

Def Leppard will always be known as one of the premier hair bands of the 80’s.  Today they put all of their resources towards raising awareness for feline hearing impairment, and it is rumored that all of the band members now own at least 27 deaf cats apiece.


The band even invented the "Cat Scan" mind reading device, that allows felines to communicate using mind bullets. They really have made leaps and bounds with the feline deafness pandemic facing this planet.

And finally, the band Panic! At the Disco, well….they just chill now at the local YMCA.


"Do you guys wanna play some basketball or something?" "No man.....let's just chill. We panicked for so long.....let's just chill."

It’s crazy how life works out in the end.  I am sure that all of these bands saw their futures drastically different from how things really are today.  The same is true for the common man like you and I.  I mean, 5 years ago I never imagined that I would be an unemployed 24 year old living with my parents yelling obscenities at kids half my age on XBox Live until 5 in the morning.  But, c’est la vie.  I really wish the real Hootie and the Blowfish were still around to…..hold my hand. Or that Darius would come visit, say everything is going to be ok, and just tell me…….”I only wanna be with you.” Hahahahahaha!

Well I’m gonna hit the road.  I have to start my pregame routine for bowling tonight which includes eating potato chips and watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC.  I leave you with a haiku…

Blowfish reunite!
Def Leppard now saves the cats.
Hootie…….hold my hand???

One Love!



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One response to “Day 278: “With a potion oh that I have made…for a young man it’s a heck of a wage, and I feel crazy when I see your face!”

  1. Tuley

    Let me hit you with some knowledge BMOC, as Hootie and The Blowfish is my favorite band of all-time:
    The “Blowfish” does not refer to the “other guys” that play with Darius, just as Hootie does not refer to Darius. When the guys met in college, there was a guy that lived on the same floor as them in their dorm and he went by the nickname Hootie. They decided to use that name in their newly formed band and they added “The Blowfish” as part of an inside joke that none of the bandmates have ever elaborated on. They say it has something to do directly with this Hootie guy but they promised him they would never let the secret out. I’m sure it’s something inappropriate.

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