Day 279: “I think it was FDR who said, ‘I wish they would come up with a cure for polio already, because I really wanna get out of this chair!”

Happy Friday to everyone.  Today, I want to share a story with you.  It’s the story of the day that my friends and I met Rob Riggle in person!  Who is Rob Riggle you ask?  Well, he happens to be a comedian/actor/bad ass marine who has had some of my favorite roles on tv and in movies.


Rob Riggle's artistic, deep thinking pose.

The story begins on the Cleveland Indians opening day, when my friends and I planned to go downtown to a few bars before the game and then watch the Tribe start their season.  It is something that we have done several times, and it has always been a joyous occasion.  Well this particular day, we headed to a bar where a local radio station was broadcasting before the game.  We grabbed a few beverages, found a table, and started to soak up the atmosphere.  About a half hour later, as my eyes scanned the room, I saw a familiar face, but not somebody I had met before.  This person was from something else.  I kept staring and staring trying to think of where I had seen him before.  Then it hit me.  He was the POW guy from Step Brothers!

I leaned over and started telling all of my buddies that “the POW guy” was sitting at the end of the bar fiddling on his Blackberry, and they really had no idea what I was talking about.  I couldn’t understand what “the POW guy” was doing at a bar at 10:30 in the morning in downtown Cleveland.  I thought “maybe he is just fueling his alcoholic tendencies” but that seemed like a stretch.  Finally, my friends and I mustered up the courage to go over and say hello.  You have to keep in mind that not one of us could remember what his name was.  So we went over to where he was sitting, and I asked “Excuse me sir….are you “the POW guy” from Step Brothers?”  He slowly lifted his head up from his Blackberry, and with a disgusted look on his face said “POW!!!” I instantly became his biggest fan.  He was the coolest celebrity I had ever met.  He introduced himself, and chatted for just a little bit, but he did let all of us take a picture with him which was awesome!


This picture is crappy, but you can see Tuley and I standing in the back with Riggle in the middle (did I just come up with a new sitcom title?). I had to censor the faces of the other people in this picture as they did not give me consent to release their photos.

After the picture he shook all of our hands and got back to his business, but I first wanted him to take another picture and autograph it for us.  He eagerly accepted, however the A-Hole who took the picture had his finger over the lens so it turned out like this……


It didn't work.

He is a really big guy as you can tell from the picture.  Apparently he is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps which is unheard of for an actor/comedian.  Hypothetically, he could perform stand up or film a role in a movie one week, and then be taking out terrorists the next.  That is awesome!  He is like the Pat Tillman of the entertainment industry.  He is a true American hero…and that is why today, I salute you Mr. Rob Riggle!

Well that’s gonna do it for the week.  It’s gonna be a nice weekend so make sure you head outdoors for a little bit.  The shits gonna hit the fan weather wise hear in a couple of weeks, so take advantage of the sunshine now.  You all have a good one.  I leave you with a deleted scene with my boy RR from Step Brothers.  One Love!




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2 responses to “Day 279: “I think it was FDR who said, ‘I wish they would come up with a cure for polio already, because I really wanna get out of this chair!”

  1. Tuley

    Isn’t it ironic that Riggle is the “POW!” guy and at the same time he is also a marine, and POW stands for Prisoner of War??

    what? too soon?

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