Day 299: “We’re talking about practice!” – Allen Iverson

Not much of a post today, even though I totally didn’t realize that yesterday was my 100th post on the EOTM blog!  YAAAAYYYY!  But anyway, I have been meaning to update some behind the scenes stuff on the blog for a while now (you know, stuff that only professional bloggers know about), so I figured I would do it today.  So, just like Brett Farve did twice, and most recently Allen Iverson did last week, I am announcing my retirement from the blogging world today.  I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.  Don’t worry, I will “un-retire” tomorrow and be back at the grind.  I leave you with a festive video…..treadmill dwarf tossing, because nothing says Merry Christmas like treadmill dwarf tossing……One Love!


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