Day 300: “…the books are overdue and the goats are underfed…the trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead!”

300 days since the last time I had a job!  That’s almost a year.  If I make it to the one year mark I will throw a party for everyone who reads the blog.  I’ll rent out a Chuck-E-Cheese or something like that, we can make a real mockery out of it and then on day 366 I can blog about it!  Would it be day 366?  Or is this a leap year?  Who cares?  Either way, there were some pretty big milestones this week with my 100th post the other day, and my 300th day of unemployment today.  I guess I wouldn’t refer to either of them as milestones as they are both pretty insignificant in the bigger picture of things.  I was supposed to be having a phone interview sometime last week or this week, but like any other time I have found an interested employer who wants to set up an interview, I can’t get a hold of them anymore.  I don’t understand how this happens….I mean do these companies decide that they want to hire a bunch of people, and then decide not to do so and then go into hiding???  I mean, with this most recent case, I contacted the HR person about two weeks ago, and within an hour had received an email back from her saying she wanted to set up a phone interview sometime in the next couple of days.  Everything was looking good right?  Wrong!  The holiday came and went, still nothing.  I followed up with an email and call this week, and nothing.  She won’t respond to my emails now and I feel like a jerk off.  I don’t care if they aren’t hiring anymore or if they wanted to go with someone else, but for Christ’s sake you have to throw me some sort of line.  Call or email me back and at least let me know what is going on!  I have been unemployed for 10 months now, and I SWEAR TO GOD this is how every encounter I have had has gone while looking for a new job.  You talk to someone and they tell you to fill out an online application, and you never hear anything back.  You email someone about an opening, and you never hear something back.  A company or organization wants to set up an interview with you and YOU NEVER HEAR SOMETHING BACK!  I know jobs are scarce right now, but you have to at least give me something to go on so I know whether or not to hold out hope or just move on looking for the next dead end lead.

In other news, we bowled against team “Thug Bowling” last night.  They wore blue tooth ear pieces when they bowled and did touchdown celebrations after every strike they threw.  One guy even pulled out a Sharpie and signed his own ball after he threw a strike.  The one guys bowling bag had spinners on the wheels.  It was neat.


They were really good though, and they beat us 2 out of 3 very close matches.  I told them I would give them a shout out on the blog, as we are now very tight and I think they thought I was from a major record label.

Well that’s my rant to wrap up the week.  Everyone have a good weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip side!  One Love!




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2 responses to “Day 300: “…the books are overdue and the goats are underfed…the trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead!”

  1. Tuley

    the picture of you as buddy the elf is priceless.

  2. Tara Beckman

    Hubs, I would like to say that I love your blog. Thank you for the daily entertainment.

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