Day 313: “A lot of people are afraid of heights….not me…I’m afraid of widths.”

Good morning, I hope you are all doing fine.  I just heard that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died.  That’s sad.  It’s sad anytime anybody dies, but it’s even more upsetting when it is someone in the limelight like a professional athelete or actor/actress.  People grow close to athletes and celebrities even though they may never meet them in real life.  I have heard reports that apparently Chris Henry died from injuries he sustained after he fell out of the back of his fiance’s moving pickup truck.  That’s pretty wild if you consider Canadians consider riding/falling out of the back of a moving pickup truck a “boring weekend”.  They do that kind of stuff all of the time and can get a way with it 95% of the time…Chris Henry was not so lucky.  R.I.P. Chris Henry, even though a lot of people thought you were a punk, I respected your game and thought you deserved every chance you had ever gotten.

"Ok you lil Canuck, today I'm going to teach you a little aboot nature. Do'ya see that there? That's a beaver. And that o'er there...well that's a moose!" - Canadian Grandpa's

Professional athlete deaths are weird, and Chris Henry’s is a perfect example of why.  Here is a guy who a lot of people thought should have been thrown out of football because of his numerous run-ins with the law and his knack of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But then…all of this happens, and everybody forgets about those things, and rightfully so.  There isn’t a professional athlete in the world where if they passed away it would not be a huge national tragedy.  Coby Karl of the Cleveland Cavaliers could choke on a wonton at a local Chinese restaurant, and flags would be at half staff for a month, and I think that’s the way it should be.


Lebron would get a picture of Karl’s face tattooed on his chest, and Shaq would be hung over his casket weeping like a baby, and for a brief moment, Coby Karl would be a hero to everyone, no matter whether he played 0 minutes for the Cavs, or if he was the best player in the league.  Like I mentioned before, people form very personal relationships with athletes and celebrities and it’s understandable in today’s society with all of the networking and reality tv and what not. It really is sad anytime someone with the status of a celebrity or athlete passes away.

The Cavs play the Lakers on Christmas day, and if I lived in LA I would go to the game with a sign that said, “Hey Lakers, the Cavs have the real Coby!!!”, do you get it???  Do you get it???  Because they both have the same name.  I mean one guy is like the best player in the league and the other guy makes sure Lebron James seat stays a comfortable 90 degrees at all times during the game, but other than that they are pretty much the same player.

"I may be the best NBA player who ever cheated on his gorgeous wife by raping a hotel worker." - Kobe Bryant. "Your seat is good Lebron!" - Coby Karl

Yesterday I joked that I would give you guys some great last minute Christmas gift ideas.  Well wouldn’t you know I found a really good one that would work well in any household.  It’s called “The Hand Job”, and it makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

I’ll tell you what, I know I sure won’t ever open another jar of pickles without getting a hand job first!  AND you can get to hand jobs for under $5 if you order now….that’s a hell of a deal!  What will they think of next?!?!

Alright I’m out for today.  Everyone have a good one and I’ll talk to you soon!  One Love!



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