Day 349: The currency of Vietnam is called a “dong”. As a citizen of the world, I must laugh out loud to that concept.

Holy shit……what is up?  It’s been a little while eh?  I went all Carmen SanDiego on you guys, but don’t fret because I am back, and have I got a crazy story for you.  I want to put to rest all of the rumors that I “am ass up in a ditch somewhere,” or that I “converted to buddhism, shaved my head, married a cow, and moved to Bangladesh.”  I am alive and am doing fantastic, but I am a little sluggish today after my crazy adventure so I will just give you a brief overview of what happened.

I went to Canada for a wedding last weekend.  On Friday I went to Caesar’s Palace Casino where I went all Alan from The Hangover and won $900 playing 3 card poker in about 10 minutes.

"Rainman practically bankrupt a casino and he was a rahtard...."

Then, my buddy had a opening in a ski trip he was going on this week and asked if I’d be interested in going.  I said yes, we stayed in a kick ass slope side condo for 3 and a half days, hung out with some Olympic athletes, and I got home at about 9 last night.

Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Over the weekend I am going to try and assemble a lot of the pictures and video we took and I’ll make a kick ass post sometime next week.  It was an unbelievable trip and I can’t wait to share the story with you.  I just wanted to check in with all of you guys, and like I said before….I am not dead.

I hope all of you have a great weekend, and I will talk to you next week.  I leave you with a video my dude Whitey emailed me.  It’s a video of a Ginger just fueling his sterotype of being a big fat dummy.  I hope you enjoy it, thanks for the video Whitey.

One Love!


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