Day 352: Does Jesus watch me poop?

Hey, what’s going on?  I’m thinking about starting a band and calling it “31 seconds to Jupiter.”  A lot of people don’t know this, but I am actually one of the original founding members of an “on again off again” band called The Icy Mikes.  Along with Dan from Ypsilanti, we have been melting the faces of unsuspecting young adults on and off again for the last 10 years or so.  It wasn’t until recently that I found out what an actual “icy mike” was, thanks to urban dictionary.  No wonder no one ever came to any of our “gigs” (a gig is what rock stars call it when they play a show fyi).  I guess Dan from Ypsilanti and myself are like a modern day Oasis in the sense that we break up the band, then come up with a sweet song and get back together, and then break up again.  I guess that is a bad analogy because Oasis is modern also.

This picture came up when I did a search on "icy mikes". This is not what an icy mike is, but it'll work. I mean that guys name may actually be Mike......but he is not an "icy mike".

I’d like to start a new segment on the blog called, “The Most Racist Video of Any Given Particular Moment”.  This weeks choice goes to this video….”Little Black Boy” which looks like it was a part of some after school special about a kid who got a perm.  The movie actually looks like it might be better than Avatar, but it is just oozing with racism, and that’s why it is this weeks “Most Racist Video of Any Given Particular Moment”.

So last week the question I asked above came up.  Does Jesus watch me poop?  I personally believe that Jesus does not watch me poop, because when I am pooping, I feel like Jesus takes the opportunity to poop also.  I don’t know when our bowel movements became synchronized, but I like to think it was sometime in 1992.  Any-who, I wanted to ask the blog readers this question to see what you all think.  Feel free to explain your decisions in the comment section.

That’s all for today.  I gotta go see if my boy Pierre Garcon will offer me a job as his personal jock strap washer/bag carrier/foot rest/Peyton Manning horse language translator.

Good luck to Pierre and the Colts in the Super Bowl!

A haiku……

My name is B-MOC,
Been taking dumps with Jesus
Since back in the day.

One Love!



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