Day 353: Tuesdays with Tuley!

I’ve been on a TV Show theme-song kick lately and it’s really started to interrupt my life. For instance, I’ll be feeding my robot or shaving my pussycat and begin singing, “Show me that smile a show me that smile….” I love the Growing Pains themesong so much that it’s on my mp3 player and actually motivates me through part of my workout. It usually comes on right after “Hero” by none other than the great Enrique Iglesius. I love when he whispers “Let me be your hero..”

Anyways, I’ve been laying in bed late at night a lot recently trying to figure out what the greatest theme song of all time is. Like kitten mittens, it’s been DRIVING ME CRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYYY!!

"Does your cat make TOO MUCH NOISE??? Try Kitten Mittens!"

I skipped sleeping last night and sat up in my room through all hours of the night, constructing a bracket style tournament to figure out what the greatest theme song ever is. I figure the EOTM Blog’s audience of nearly 47 million would give me a good idea of which one is the best. I’ll start with round 1 this week, beginning in the Wild Wild West Bracket:

There you have Round 1 in the Wild Wild West Bracket. Next week I will present to you Round 1 in the Easy Easy East Bracket. You can look forward to matches such as Married With Children theme song versus MacGuyver theme song.
A haiku….
“Everywhere you look,”
Saget, Stamos, Coulier,
Can they be upset?

In other news, my landlord decided to ask my roommates and I for an extra $80 in rent this month because she says there was a spike in our water bill. In our lease agreement it states that we are responsible for all utilities except water. Apparently that isn’t clear enough for her, so I’ve come up with a list of analogies that I hope will help her to understand that we are not responsible for paying the water bill. I’ll start with an easy one:

Us paying our water bill is in our agreement as ice is hot. Ice is not hot therefore us not paying the water bill is not in our agreement.
They all start with Us paying our water bill is in our agreement, as…
Michael Jackson is touring this summer
Strippers are just “trying to pay for college”
John Stamos is ugly
K Hrubey is brunette
Mike Cooper is just looking at sports scores
Lance Bass hooked up with a girl
Tiger Woods is a good husband
Jersey Shore is a quality and reputible TV show
Women are good drivers
Dan from Ypsilanti is a carnivore
There is no cure for AIDS – just ask Magic Johnson
Dick Goddard does not control the weather
Michael Jackson can still moonwalk
Hopefully these analogies will make it clear to Landlord Katy that my roommates and I are not responsible for the water bill. If you have any that you think will help, please leave them in the comment box!
Thanks for reading. You stay classy……………….PLANET EARTH.

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