Day 355: Supporting the EOTM blog gets you into heaven….guaranteed.

What is up?  I want to apologize for not posting yesterday, but the site I use to blog (WordPress) was apparently having some technical difficulties and I couldn’t log onto the site.  Either that or some hackers hacked into my blog because it is so popular they wanted to do it just for fun.  Anyway I am back.  Today’s music video comes from a band I recently came across called “Japandroids” and I think they are really good.  It is cool anytime you come across a new song or a new band that completely takes your breath away.  It’s like someone getting you a kick ass present for no reason.  Anyway, the song is called “I Quit Girls” and I have been listening to this band non stop all week long.  I suggest you check them out.

I have been in contact with their agent about possibly getting the Icy Mikes or 31 Seconds to Jupiter to open for them.

So a lot of people have been asking me lately, “B-MOC, what have you been up to so far in the new year?”  It’s funny that they ask me that, because I have been coming up with some new, interesting hobbies that I find myself getting into more often than not.  Something that I LOVE doing is scouring the internet for videos or articles posted by people from England.  I will take my time and read the whole article or watch the entire video.  Then I will go down to the comments section and put “YOU SOUND LIKE YOU’RE FROM LONDON!!!” or “BOB’S YOUR UNCLE!!!”

I like to consider it like the new "Rick Rolled" of youtube.

If you don’t know what “You sound like you’re from London,” is from, it’s from one of my favorite movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I don’t know what “Bob’s your uncle” means, but apparently British people use it after “a simple set of instructions” and it means “there you have it, or there you go.” So basically I am going to start saying it all the time in my everyday conversations is what I’m trying to say.

This image came up when I google image searched "Bob's your uncle." Apparently Uncle Bob is an Asian Transvestite.....just like a few of my uncles ZING! I keed.

Another thing I find myself doing a lot more in 2010 is having conversations with inanimate objects.  For instance, I have been meaning to take my car in for an oil change for the last week or so.  I was supposed to get one around Halloween, but I just recently passed the 3,000 mile mark since my last oil change because I drive as much as an old lady or priest does in a week, which I would guesstimate is like 10 miles.  Anyway, all week long I would stand in my dining room and talk to my car.  It was mostly in baby talk like “Oooooo someone’s getting an oil change soon!  Guess who it is?!?!  IT’S YOU!!!  Yes it is!  It’s you!!!”  Sometimes it was dirty talk like, “I bet you can’t wait to get that liquid inside of you huh?  You whore!  You love all those tubes and canisters shoved inside of you don’t you???”  My toothbrush is the best listener I have ever met, my winter boots are one of the most hilarious individuals if you just sit and talk with them, and on Tuesday I had an hour long conversation about the meaning of life with the chicken tenders I was going to have for lunch.

"I understand that you don't believe in God chicken tenders, but you can't argue that Jesus Christ was a real person, and he had all of those people watch him turn water into wine! What's up with that?!?!"

In other news, I trimmed by beard pretty short yesterday.  You see when I sleep, I drool.  When I was a normal person, my drool would just gather on my pillow which was no big deal.  Well when I went all homeless on everybody, my drool couldn’t make it to my pillow without going through my beard first.  Needless to say, when I woke up my beard felt disgusting and looked horrible.  Yesterday I woke up and it looked like a ginger “gorilla masked” me while I was sleeping.  I woke up, walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, grabbed my clippers, and had at it.  I have no regrets, now I can start a new one and this time I can maintain it a little better.

Alright well that’s all for today.  Check back tomorrow.  I leave you with a haiku.

Uncle Bob’s a girl?
Chicken tenders antichrist?
Gorilla masks suck.

One Love!


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