Day 362: “If ‘onlys’ and ‘justs’ were candies and nuts, then everday would be UN DE DONKFEST!” – Dwight Schrute

Yo, what’s going on? Today’s music is dedicated to the city of Vancouver who is hosting the winter Olympics beginning next week, and they still don’t have any snow. That might be a problem….

"New at the 2010 Winter Olympics.....MUDBOARDING!!!" - Bob Costas

I came across this question on the Interweb the other day and I wanted to throw it at you to see what your opinions were. Did you ever wonder what dancing looks like to a deaf person? I mean, they can’t hear the music, the beats, the rhythm….all they can comprehend is this….

This is a completely hypothetical situation for two reasons. #1. I’m a fantastic dancer, and #2. I’ve never danced in front of a deaf person. But I would imagine that if one were to dance in front of a deaf person, they would probably give you the same look your dog or cat does when you try asking them a question like “do you wanna go bye-byes in the car?” or “do you want a cookie?”

I want to extend a big “go fist yourself” to the guy who double parked in a handicapped spot at my bank this morning.  I’ve witnessed people who have double parked before, and I believe that 50% of the time its an honest mistake.  However, I have never witnessed a guy double park into a handicapped space, and do it long ways like this a-hole did.  Yeah, I took a picture of it in hopes that the loser who drives this PT Cruiser reads the blog and will improve his driving skills ASAP.

Go Fist Yourself!

HAHA I didn’t notice this until just now looking at the picture, but I don’t know who is worse, the guy who double parked in the handicapped zone, or the guy who tried to park in the half spot behind that guy!

It's EOTM history...the first time a "double go fist yourself" has ever been awarded! We're covering all the holes here at the Employee of the Month Blog!

Hahaha, look at those two douches.  Hands down….the two worst parking jobs I have ever witnessed in my life……”and I’ve seen a lot of bad jobs in my day!” says the woman of the nightZING!!!  Haha.  I wonder what kind of jobs those two have???  Better than mine that’s for sure!

So I felt like eating fresh today and decided to go to Subway to get a sandwich for lunch.  I walked in and there was a pretty mild lunch time crowd.  I stepped up to the plate and gave the sandwich artist my order.  Then, for some unknown reason, I wondered to myself, “What if Jared Fogle had a sister who walked in here right now?”  I asked, “What would she look like?  What kind of sub would she order?  Would I fall in love with her?”  This made me wonder if Jared even had a sister….and what exactly she would look like?

Jaredina Fogle

I don’t know what made me think of that.  Anywho, my sub was delicious.  Alright, I’m gonna take off.  I have some “stay at home unemployed ass” things to do.  I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.  A haiku…

Double parked douche bags
Jaredina….I love you!
“See ya later dudes”

One Love!



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