Day 363: What has 9 arms and sucks??? The band Def Leppard ZING!!!

In honor of Black History month, I wanted to post a video from Cleveland’s own Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.  A lot of you know that I am currently a member of the bowling team “Pin pin ain’t easy”.  Well it wasn’t until after we came up with that name that I came up with the name “Bowl Thugs-n-Harmony” so just a heads up… 2011 bowling team name will be Bowl Thugs-n-Harmony, no question.

Well it’s the Friday before the Super Bowl, so I wanted to take some time to give my predictions for the big game on Sunday.  I usually am pretty impartial to the big game because I think the match ups usually suck.  I hate the Steelers so any time they go is a bust.  Two years ago, everyone thought New England was going to blow out New York, but that actually turned out to be a fantastic game.  What I’m trying to say is I usually don’t really care about who wins the game or who is even playing for that matter.  But this year, I think the two best teams in football actually made it to week 19.  Both teams have solid defenses and high powered offenses.  I think the game will essentially come down to 4 factors.  #1. Peyton Manning.  #2. Drew Brees.  #3. Peyton Manning’s horse face.  And #4.  Drew Brees’ face mole.

The real matchup of the Super Bowl? Horse face vs Face mole

I think everyone can agree that the two best quarterbacks in the league will be meeting each other on Sunday evening.  But a lot of people don’t realize that Peyton’s horse face has been throwing off defensive secondaries all year long, and that Drew Brees face mole accounted for 20 of his 34 touchdowns and 2,000 of his over 4,000 passing yards.  These four big time players really should be a joy to watch this weekend.

But let’s not forget the real X-factor of the big game….and that is Indianpolis Colts WR Pierre Garcon.  Pierre was a teammate of mine in college, and I couldn’t be more excited for him this weekend.  All joking aside, he was one of the coolest, nicest, and most respectful people I have ever met off the field, and an absolute monster on the field.  I never thought I would actually ever know anyone who would play in the Super Bowl but here we are, two days before the game and he has been in the spotlight ever since the AFC Championship game.  I’ve been trying feverishly to get Mr. Garcon to do a one on one interview with the EOTM blog for the last several weeks…but he is a busy guy.  I wish Pierre and the Colts all the luck in the world, and if they do win, Pierre will officially have 35 lbs worth the championship rings and his fingers will fall off in 10 years.

I feel so bad for the white guy trying to cover Pierre in this picture. I don't know what that guy is doing for the Super Bowl....but I can guarantee you that he is not playing in it. My guess is he will be at this field still looking for his jock.

As I am typing this, Vegas has Indianapolis giving New Orleans 5 points, and the over/under is set at 57.  The spread is a tough one to pick, and I have a theory that really high over/unders like the one for this game never hold up because of how big the stage is no matter how much fire power the offenses have.  So I am going to take the Colts over the Saints, and take the under.  My prediction, the Horse faced Colts 27, the Face mole Saints 21.

A few more things about this game.  Am I just a moron, or is that “Who Dat?” chant that the Saints fans do not directly jocked off of the “Who Dey?” one that Cincinnati fans have?

Ahh that's what I thought. That's real original for both groups of fans. Some of my other favorite fan chants are "Who Dat Dhere?" by Ryan Tuley, and of course "Who Cares?" by yours truly.

And I can’t not mention the Super Bowl commercials.  I won’t get into too much detail about those even though they are a highlight of every Super Bowl.  I would however, like to share with you my favorite commercial from last year.  Brought to you by my #1 beer delivery guy and best friend from Indians opening day….Wendell!

Well tomorrow is February 6th, which means it is the one year anniversary from when I was laid off from my job.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year!  I can’t believe that for one year of my life I have not worked!  From everything you hear on the news and read online, it doesn’t sound like the job market is getting any better at the moment, but I feel really good about getting something soon.  Just when I start to feel down and out about something turning up, I get a little bit of hope which is all you really need I guess.  I really appreciate having this blog so I can kind of ease some pressure on my brain and relieve some stress.  I want to thank all of the people who check in with the blog, and I especially want to thank all of the tax payers of the state of Ohio for supporting my unemployment checks for the past year.  Hahaha I keed, I keed!  That’s bum speak.

Since I am now an official member of the United States Bowling Commission or whatever the hell USBC stands for, I now receive their quarterly, 8 page magazine which is awesome.  There was a really good article about a professional bowler named Tom Smallwood (not a good porn star name, hahaha!) who got laid of from his job two years ago, spent the last money he had to enter a PBA bowling tournament to try and get a two year professional exemption.  Well he ended up qualifying in the top 8 of the tournament, getting his exemption,  then he went on to win the PBA Championship soon after. I’m telling you about Mr. Smallwood (haha) because that is what I’m going to do if I don’t find a job soon.  So don’t worry about me, I will soon be a professional bowler.

My dude....Mr. Tom Smallwood, hahahaha I gotta stop! I salute you Tom! And your possible "specialness".

Alright well that’s all I got for today.  I want to recommend to all of you Communist out there who won’t be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday to perhaps check out the new reality show, “Conviction Kitchen” which gives 24 ex-cons the chance to learn to become chefs and to win the chance to open their own restaurant.  I have never personally watched the show but have seen commercials for it.  My favorite was when one of the ex cons said “that guy is making me so mad, I want to go back there and murder him.”  Haha that’s great television!

"Conviction Kitchen....cook good....or get shanked!"

Well that’s all for now.  I’ll talk to you all next week!  I leave you with a haiku and a poll question.

Def Leppard’s nine arms

Can’t touch “Horse Face” and “Mole Face”

“HIGH LIFE!!!” every day.

One Love!



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One response to “Day 363: What has 9 arms and sucks??? The band Def Leppard ZING!!!

  1. bmoc dad

    Stupid poll question…considering only one of the choices was actually a deer! Let’s see if I know the songs…Rudolph the red-nosed REIN-DEER….and Grandma got run over by a REIN-DEER…Reindeer is not = Deer, therefore Bambi ‘wins’ by default…

    Of course my pick would be the deer that starred in ‘The Deer Hunter’….wasn’t his name John Deere?

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