366: If this were Pakistan, I would have been sewing soccer balls by the time I was four years old and wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job.


See ya later Horse Face!

How about that Super Bowl eh?  I wanted the Colts to win, but it was still a good game.  If you haven’t been able to tell…I am not a Drew Brees fan although I think he is a good guy and a good player.  My dislike of him stems from his time in college at Purdue.  I thought he was overrated then but everyone loved him.  He completed 32 passes which ties a Superbowl record…but he ATTEMPTED what seemed like only 3 passes over 10 yards.  I mean he averaged 9 yards a completion, but that doesn’t account for the yards after catch that his receivers got him.  I was getting sick and tired of watching him dump the ball of to his running backs in the flat, or throwing 3 yard stop routes the whole game.  That kind of quarterbacking  reminds me of that part in the movie “Black Sheep” where Chris Farley and David Spade are playing checkers, and Farley flips out on Spade after he wins his 3rd game in a row for, and he says “It’s kind of hard to lose when you…NEVER MOVE YOUR BACK ROW!!!”  That’s how Drew Brees played if you ask me.  Needless to say, he won so kudos to him and the Saints.  I also wish his son luck in his future career as a DJ.

I think his stage name should be DJ Face Mole Jr. I'm not kidding, I think that would be a phenomenal name for a disc jockey. That little guy is "all the way turned up".

In other news, I heard that Miley Cyrus’ 9 year old sister is coming out with her own lingerie line for little kids. I don’t even know how to respond to this news, other than that I am sure R. Kelly and Michael Jackson’s corpse are pumped!  Honestly though….this is so disgusting and wrong on so many different levels I don’t understand how a 9 year old girl can even do something like that!  I mean, she comes from such a solid family too…..

Nice hair....go fist your achy breaky self.

But then again…who am I to judge?  That’s what the legal system is for!  I mean, what’s the next step?  Seriously!  Where does a kid go from here?  Fully nude kiddie strip clubs with complimentary milk and cookie buffets?  Brothels that give discounts for good report cards?  Massage parlors that have Sesame Street characters that give happy endings?  This situation is completely out of line, and I pray to God that someone intervenes on this.  Not only for the sake of our country and our futures, but also for Elmo’s sake.

"Have you ever sucked d!@# for crack?!?!" - Elmo

Alright that’s all I got for now.  I leave you with a haiku and a poll question.

Brees loves the Kidz Bops.
Elmo’s giving out “blowies”.
Billy Ray’s a joke.

One Love!



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