What is up.  It’s a big day here on the EOTM blog.  As you all know I had a interview with one of the police departments I applied with all the way back in the summer of 2009.  I had to be at the department at 9 am this morning.  I got called into the back and the Captain who met me in the lobby explained to me that I would be participating in a “panel interview”.  For those of you not familiar with a panel interview….well it is just like how the Spanish Inquisition was.

I had to meet with 5 members of the department/city including the police chief and the safety director, and I basically went through a “round robin of questions” as one of the gentleman so nicely put it.  Well either my suit was absolutely stunning, or I must have done pretty well because about 5 minutes after I got home from the interview, I received a call from the captain of the department saying that they wanted to give me a conditional offer of employment.  For those of you playing along at home, that means that I have to go through a series of psychological, physical, and polygraph tests next week and if I go through those with flying colors…then I am going to be a police officer!

It’s kind of crazy for a number of reasons.  First off, I can’t believe it has been 370 days since I worked at all.  Second off, it’s hard to believe that I actually landed a job that I really wanted to get.  It’s actually more than a job….it’s a career.  And thirdly, a lot of you are probably wondering about the future of the blog.  Well I am here to tell you that the blog will still be going on as strong as ever, but there will probably posts a little infrequency to the posts.  For example, I have tests lined up almost every day, all day next week.  I cannot wait to go through the training and the preparation for this and I have been in a daze all morning long.

Anyway, let’s move onto what I promised yesterday…and that is the EOTM Olympic Preview!!!!

USA! USA! USA!  In all honesty, I like watching the Olympics very much but I don’t follow it close enough to do a preview.  What I do enjoy doing is playing the best Olympic drinking game ever!  The rules are very simple.  Rule #1. During the Olympic games, take a shot every time you see something weird.  Rule #2.  Repeat rule #1.  For example…the Vancouver 2010 mascots.

Why the Olympics needs mascots is still a major question, why they have the dumbest names in the world is another question. DRINK!

Or Jamaica having one Olympian…a men’s ski cross contestant named Erroll Kerr (I actually met this guy and his fellow Rastafarian’s on my ski trip and he is my favorite athlete at these games, but I still haven’t gotten the pictures back yet).

Where does this guy ski in Jamaica? DRINK!

Any of the crazy artsy crap they are going to do for the torch lighting ceremony.

Ooh look! I'm using my show to start a fire! DRINK!

Bob Costas doing Olympic coverage.


The stupid outfits all of the Olympians wear for the opening ceremonies.

The chocolate faced manequins are actually participating in the two man skeleton event for the USA this year. DRINK!

Any of the figure skating events.


I could go on and on, but for your livers sake I’ll stop.  I’m all jacked up right now so that’s all I got for today.  Check back next week as I am sure I’ll have some good stories from all of the testing I will be doing.  Until then, so long.  A haiku……

Got a job offer.
Bad boys, watcha gonna do?
Bob Costas is weird.

One Love!


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