Day 379: “I didn’t invent the rainy day…I just own the best umbrella.”

Have you ever been so thirsty and so dry while you are sleeping that you actually dream about chugging bottles of water?  That happened to me last night.  This time of year really wreaks havoc on my skin and sinuses (is the plural form of sinus sinusi?  Or perhaps sini?) because I get really dry and the air is always dry.  So needless to say I had a 7 hour dream only about chugging bottles of water.  I would say in my dream I probably drank a total of 250 bottles of water and not once did my thirst ever get quenched.  It was pure ecstasy when I woke up and chugged two bottles of water immediately.

Well all of my post offer testing came back good to go, so that means the job is mine baby!!!  I am gonna be a cop!  I am going to get sworn in early next week and my family and friends are invited so if any of you want to go, email me and I can fill you in with some more details.  I’m sure you all have jokes about pigs and smelling bacon and stuff like that and I can roll with the punches, I would just recommend if you do want to leave a joke in the comments section, that you never drive through the city where I will be working.

Tomorrow I have to go to the city hall and start getting all of my paperwork and payroll stuff filled out in the morning.  After that, I have to meet with the mayor of the city in the afternoon.  At that time I feel it would be appropriate to show him my proposal to get the city back under budget.  But seriously, I don’t really know what to expect meeting with him.  It’s been a long process but it is starting to pay off and I am thrilled!  I don’t know if I will be able to make a post tomorrow, but if you are reading this Tuley and want to make a post let me know.

In entertainment news, the guy who played the character “Boner” on one of my all time favorite shows, “Growing Pains” has gone missing. Hopefully he turns up ok, and I would suggest that the local authorities check in their pants to try and find him……because his name was Boner on a family television show.

Alright well that’s all I got for today.  I am excited!  Here’s a haiku for ya…

Back to work for me!
Now I can help find Boner.
I’ll check my pants first.

One Love!



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