Day 2: “You know what frightens ants the most? It’s not the anteater, and it’s not the steamroller. No wait, it is the steamroller….I got mixed up.”

Yo yo yo yo yo!  What it is?  Hope everyone is doing good.  Yesterday was a big day for me as I got sworn in in the morning and then began my first day of work.  The swearing in was really cool as all of the “top dogs” from the city and department were there and my family was there and it was pretty special.  I screwed up the oath a little bit because I am a dummy.  The mayor asked me to repeat after him, so when he said “I, state your name…”, I repeated and said “I, state your name…”  I’m just kidding, that didn’t really happen, but I did screw up another part.  Those oaths can be tricky because there are some long parts that can be hard to remember.  Like what if the guy reading you the oath goes on like a minute long rant and then expects you to repeat everything back to him???  He would make you look like an ass and that wouldn’t be cool.

My mom took some pictures of the swearing in that I'd thought I would share with you guys.

After that I got to go out to lunch with my family, but then I had to return to begin my first day on the second shift.  I met with the chief who is a cool guy and who gave me some good advice and told me not to F this up.  After that I met with some other members of the department.  After that I met up with the dude who would be taking me around that day.  He had a surprise for me since it was my first day.  It was a big silver sticker shaped like a badge that said “Junior Officer” on it, and I wore that around for the rest of the day and got a hard time from everyone else.  Whatever…

A Junior Officer. AWWWW IT'S A BABY!!!

After that I got to go to the uniform store to blow my whole uniform allowance.  The uniform store was awesome!  They had so much little gadgets and accessories that I never knew that I needed.  Needless to say I bought some really kick ass stuff and I felt like McGruber when I walked out of that place.  I can’t wait to get to actually use that stuff later on.

In sports news, Canada won the gold medal in men’s hockey on Sunday defeating the USA 3-2 in overtime.  And still no body cares about Canada.

Well I just wanted to check in real quick and let you guys know that all is well.  I’ll post something for sure sometime later this week as I will be going onto the firing range for the first time ever on Wednesday.  I am really excited for that and hopefully I don’t accidentally shoot myself in the foot or something.  I leave you with a haiku….

“I, state your name…” WHAT???
NOT a junior officer.
Canada still sucks.

One Love!


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  1. hi, how do i add your site into my rss reader so that i never miss another one of your excellent posts.

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