Day 265: “You can’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his bowling shoes….”

A bowling poem….

The bowling league started on a Thursday night,
B-MOC, Harrell, and T Anz on a team, OH what a site.
Pin pin ain’t easy was the team name we chose.
We unpacked our balls, wrist guards, and shoes.
We found Mike the league manager and said “sorry we’re late”,
He looked at us, smiled, and said “You’re on lanes seven and eight!”


Two men from our team were out for this week,
“Hello my name is Darren Hass!” we heard a man speak.
We turned and found one eager replacement bowler
As he pulled his bag on wheels like he was pulling a stroller.
Darren was built like a house, short and stocky in stature.
He had a brace on his knee from his previous knee fracture.
That didn’t stop him from throwing the ball like a rocket,
I swear it was fifty miles per hour….right in the pocket.
The team we were playing was currently in fourth place,
They were still big D-bag’s who needed a slap in the face.
Darren Hass was not impressed with the way this team acted,
He pulled us aside and said “LETS GET TOUGH ACTIN TINACTIN!”


The first game started, our nerves at an all time high,
T Anz led us off, bowled an eight, and left the one and five.
B-MOC was next up, and of course knocked all ten pins down,
“They call that a strike right?” he said with a smile joking around.
Darren Hass was up next and threw so hard she shattered three pins.
Harrell was up next, his game was all about finess.
A perfect ball he threw, like dropping an egg in a nest.
We kept up this pace and dominated the first game.
Our opponents were salty and muttered “that’s pretty lame.”
The bar maid came down for beer orders before the second match,
“We’re all set sweetheart,” Harrell said as he slapped her on the ass.
The next game my team started strong once again,
We had a 40 pin lead going into frame ten.
B-MOC struck out for a total of 213,
Darren Hass led the way in the total of screams.


We entered the third game up two games to none.
Harrell was half in the bag, but we were all having fun.
Pin pin ain’t easy took it easy with our comfortable lead,
Darren Hass was headbaning the wall making himself bleed.
The D-bags were still whining about how they were getting screwed,
T Anz went all Stephanie Tanner on them and said “How rude!”


The wrist pain started to set in half way through this third match,
Our opponents stepped over the line “MARK IT ZERO…THAT’S A SCRATCH!”
I was getting a kick out of listening to Darren’s pyschobabble,
Next thing I knew, I had just thrown a “sour apple”.
Apparently they are rare and quite a bowling league site,
The thug bowling team came over on their blue tooths and said “DAWG DAT AIN’T RIGHT!”


Needless to say at this time I was quite embarrassed,
Apparently that pin set up is one of the rarest.
Well the D-bags ended up taking game three.
They jumped and hollared and yelled “YIPPEE!!!”
Pin pin ain’t easy acts like they’ve been there before,
Except for Darren Hass who yelled “YOU’RE MOTHERS A WHORE!”
All in all it was an excellent first week of the league,
One week down, 32 more to go?!?!  Are you kidding me?!?!
Our team is definitely a force that will need to be reckoned with,
We have poise, heart, determination, and show a lot of grit.
Winning a league championship may very well be this teams fate,
And last night that journey started………on lanes seven and eight.



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